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Welcome to Black Sheep Yarns store news section, where you will find updates on the latest store activities and projects.

Finding a home for Black Sheep Yarns was the first step in opening a yarn shop in my community. This was much needed by local knitters, following the closure of Village Crafts last summer. After a long search, the final location far exceeds my expectations. Located on the corner of Grant and Spring Streets in Port Moody, it fits in well with the local artisan community. The small front courtyard and bay window near the front entrance, set the atmosphere.

The next step was to create a comfortable, creative environment – the type of store that a knitter would want to visit again and again. I had a vision from the start and I believe that I have achieved it. The next dilemma was which lines of yarn to carry. I wanted some Canadian content, as well as ecologically friendly and fair trade yarns. Otherwise I just ordered yarns that I love! I’m sure this selection will evolve over time, as my customers provide me with feedback.

Last but not least, I needed experienced, friendly staff; people who were passionate about knitting. Seeing an article about Kirsten in the local newspaper was an inciting event and I am fortunate that she is able to teach an amazing selection of classes. I couldn’t find more experienced, avid knitters than Judy and Lynn, to work along with me in the store.

There have been some huge decisions to make along the way, but I have always had help. The key to this exciting journey has been the people that I have worked with. The one rule, as I explained to my husband, is that they all be “nice people”. Following that rule, everything seemed to fall into place. I enjoyed working with Lee at the sign store, Harold the cabinetmaker (“this sales desk is going to sell a lot of yarn”) and Walter at the printing store. Talented people have given me input, such as Meghan with her fabulous web design. Cheryl’s decorating skills have been invaluable (although we will never feel the same about green!) and she is solely responsible for finding “the sheep”. Friends have not tired (I hope) of hearing me talk about my plans. And last but not least, my family, “my boys” – they have given me support and encouragement every step of the way. I love my store – I hope it shows!


  1. islandknita
    islandknitaAugust 15,08

    Good letter, Helen and congratulations on your vision for the new yarn shop in Port Moody. We are even excited about it on Van Isle, as I belong to a small knitters e-mail group, consisting of my sister Betty, niece Janet and sis-in-law Trish who you will meet soon if you haven’t already. They are all in your area. If anyone is interested in belonging to our e-knitters group, please let me know. We have one member, Judy, in Brisbane, also. It is fun to banter on about our knitting and spinning and share photos too. We wish you every good success in this wonderful venture.

    Linda Cox

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