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Mawata Silk Hankies

If you want to take a knitting adventure then try knitting with silk from Mawata Silk Hankies. Each “hankie” is a single silk worm cocoon spread out into a square (Mawata is Japanese for “to spread out”).  The silk fibers in each thin hankie can then be easily stretched out by hand into fiber which can be knitted directly.  This is so simple to do and in seconds you can make fiber in any thickness you chose! Because the silk fibers are so long they are very strong and don’t need any twist.

The Yarn Harlot describes the mittens she made from Silk Hankies as being like “hand oven pillows” as silk is warmer than wool but very light and of course very silky!  Hers took just 30g of fiber and you can check them out here.

Now if you are fortunate enough to have a local dyer, such as Jayne of See Jayne Knit, hand dye the silk hankies into vibrant shades, then you are really in for a treat. And that is just what we have at Black Sheep Yarns! Here is a photo of Jayne working on her “Hitchhiker” scarf  in multiple colours of her Mawata Silk Hankies.


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