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Saturday is without a doubt my favorite day of the week – it is a bustling day at the store, with students taking classes and customers browsing.  Add to my Saturday an opportunity to start the day with a shopping spree at the Handmaiden studio in Vancouver, and it was a day made in heaven!  Unfortunately they are closing the Vancouver location, as they have moved into new premises in Nova Scotia along with Fleece Artist.  After shopping, I called Judy at Black Sheep Yarns to tell her I was on my way.  She told me to drive carefully to ensure that the yarn made it back safely!!  So what did I buy?  Sea Angel Jacket Kits (Sea Silk & Angel Hair), Silk Twist (65% wool, 35% silk), Silk Lace (100%) silk), 4 ply & 2 ply Cashmere.  We already had the following Handmaiden & Fleece Artist products in stock:  Casbah Sock Yarn, Sea Silk (Storm Water Shawl & Sea Lace Scarf) & Sea Wool as well as the ever popular Wavy Scarf kit. Below is a photo of Jana (right) of Handmaiden, helping me chose yarn.

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