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Christmas Wish List

If your family are still struggling with what to get you for Christmas, add a few of these items to your wish list:

-Addi-Click Interchangeable Knitting Needle set. For those who love their Addis, this is the ultimate interchangeable needle set. Comes with needle sizes from 3.5mm to 10mm and 3 different cord lengths.

resized Addis

-Row Counter Plus. This is an electronic row counter which can count 3 sets of rows at once.

-The Knit Kit. This contains seven essential knitting tools in a compact kit the size of your hand. It is great for travelling or just carrying in your knitting bag.

-Namaste Knitting Bags. Use these attractive bags to carry your knitting or just as a purse. We have a great selection including bags in their newest colours black, red and eggplant. Get a matching Buddy Case, a small accessory case with magnetic lid for your scissors, needles and stitch markers.

-Perl Grey Stick Pins and Broaches.

-Last, but not least, if you like to do your own shopping, you can always ask for a Black Sheep Yarn Gift Certificate! These can be purchased in any amount and never expire.

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